22mm Pedestal Lock with Removable Barrel 0440

22mm Pedestal Lock with Removable Barrel 0440
22mm Pedestal Lock with Removable Barrel 0440
Product Description

A 22mm Pedestal Lock 0440. This lock has a removable barrel and is available in a number of finishes making it ideal for use on items such as desk drawer units.

  • Standard movements: 3 (180° CW)
  • Nozzle diameter: 16.3mm or 17.8mm
  • Actuator length: 42mm (others available on request)
  • Lock Combinations: 340
  • Standard finish: Bright nickel, black KTL
  • Can be supplied with Master Key and Sub-Master Key systems

Accessories available – please state when ordering:

  • Rosette 70080037B (16.3mm nozzle)
  • Rosette C4236 (17.8mm nozzle)
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Product CodeKey SeriesCombinationsBody LengthHead DepthFlangeNozzle DiameterLock FixingMovementContact
0440 BSMT M340222 Double17.8Vertical3 Contact
0440SMT M340222 Double16.3Vertical3 Contact
0441 BSMT M340222 Double17.8Horizontal3 Contact
0441SMT M340222 Double16.3Horizontal3 Contact
0442 BSMT M340222 Single Top17.8Vertical3 Contact
0442SMT M340222 Single Top16.3Vertical3 Contact
0443 BSMT M340222 Single RH17.8Horizontal- Contact
0443SMT M340222 Single RH16.3Horizontal3 Contact
0444 BSMT M340222 Single Bottom17.8Vertical3 Contact
0444SMT M340222 Single Bottom16.3Vertical3 Contact
0445 BSMT M340222 Single LH17.8Horizontal3 Contact
0445SMT M340222 Single LH16.3Horizontal3 Contact
Key Options

Metal Keys

Capped Keys

Split Keys

 Key code  Key combinations
 B8842  SMT001 – SMT170
 B8843  SMT301 – SMT470
 Key code  Key combinations
 B8849  SMT001 – SMT170
 B8850  SMT301 – SMT470
 Key code  Key combinations
 B8752  SMT001 – SMT170
 B8765  SMT301 – SMT470

General Master Key

Sub-Master Keys

Removal Key

 Key code  Key combinations
 MAS/S04 opens the complete range
  of combinations in this
 Key code  Key combinations
 SM1-04  SMT001 – SMT170
 SM2-04  SMT301 – SMT470
Keycode  Key combinations
 B8754 extraction of barrel for all
  combinations in this series
Technical Drawing