Electronic Latch Lock 3770

Electronic Latch Lock 3770
Technical Drawing

An electronic latch lock 3770 which can be fitted to the interior of a parcel or mailbox, storage or asset management container. The user simply pushes the door to lock and secure it, with the latch ejecting and the door opening upon release. 

The lock can be operated and the latch released using an I-button, proximity card or keypad and can be integrated with an existing electronic access control system (IT compatible) or used as a stand alone operation.

Applications typically include Postal and Lockers.

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Product Code Body width Body height Body depth Contact
3770 61.2 68.2 21.4 Contact
  • Latch ejects on release
  • Striker handles available on request
  • Push to lock, electronic release
  • Releases under load, burst pressure of up to 100N
  • Pull out 2,500 N
  • Mechanical Key override
  • Tough ABS moulded body
  • Compact slim-line fixing
  • IT compatible or stand-alone operation
  • I button, proximity card or keypad actuation
  • Remote access via network controller
  • Closed loop electronic feedback
  • Operates with 12v, 0.5A - 1 second pulse
  • Motor stall current 0.6A