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New Star CNC Lathe Increases Output and Improves Quality

New Star CNC Lathe Increases Output and Improves Quality

10 Aug 2017

To support the ever-increasing range of locks manufactured at Lowe & Fletcher, a new Star SR-20R CNC lathe has been commissioned and is now producing a selection of critical components used in the manufacture of radial pin tumbler (RPT) locks.

Prior to this purchase, these components were either made in-house using a range of special purpose machines or purchased from third party local suppliers. This became increasingly inefficient due to the multiple operations involved and lead-times which were often incompatible with customer requirements.

The new machine is highly efficient and able to manufacture complex parts in one operation. It is also able to run “lights out” and change-over times are vastly reduced.

Managing Director, Paul Draisey and Manufacturing Director, John Williams welcomed delivery of the machine in May and are delighted with the immediate positive impact on efficiency and quality.

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