Precision Manufacturing

The Lowe & Fletcher Group has been manufacturing locks and locking systems since 1889.  Over 850 employees both locally and internationally are involved in the design and manufacture of our high quality locks and locking systems. We attribute much of our success to the people and processes involved.

Bespoke Locking Solutions

The sales team at Lowe & Fletcher work closely with all our customers to ensure they have the right locks and locking systems for their requirements.

However, we also have the capability to work with your design teams and advise on the different locking system options at an early stage of your product development to ensure you use the most effective lock to match your requirements and budget.

Often that means recommending one of our extensive range of existing products. However, when an adaptation or a new locking system is needed our engineering team will propose a bespoke locking solution.

Bespoke Solutions: Case Studies

Bespoke solutions are a very important part of what we do at Lowe & Fletcher. Working hard to meet a diverse range of customer needs leads to innovative locking solutions produced exactly as required. Here are some examples of our bespoke solutions, if you have a unique requirement and would like to discuss a bespoke solution please contact our sales team on +44 (0) 121 505 0400 or

Bicycle Security

In this case we were asked to develop a unique locking cylinder for use in a bicycle security system. Keys that would appeal to the end user, together with a high security fail-locked mechanism were required. 

We developed an internally bitted key for higher security and proof against copying, together with a ten disc barrel mechanism incorporating a shear point that fails locked when forced. A smart foldable key assembly, using a 3mm thick nickel silver key, completed the solution.

Our customer now uses the system very successfully in their suite of bicycle security products, which has helped them maintain their lead in this market. 


Bespoke Locking Solutions - Bicycle security system

Chassis Security

Our customer required a locking system that would be an integral part of their vehicle chassis, a system that would need to cope with tough physical demands as well as an arduous environment.

We proposed a nine pin locking mechanism with a high strength ball actuated bolt and a unique hardened stainless steel body. We further enhanced security by creating a reserved differ series with unmarked keys, with spare keys protected through a strict registration system.

The system has met and exceeded existing UK insurance tests and has led to a new standard in accreditation, delivering enhanced security through innovation for our customer.


Bespoke Locking Solutions - Chassis security system