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The benefits of keypad lock systems for business

The benefits of keypad lock systems for business

11 Jun 2019

As technology advances, security risks for businesses are increasing in many areas of operation. With many businesses focussing their attention on the prevention of cyber attacks and data security, one basic security feature may be getting overlooked - physical door lock systems. We’ll discuss how your business can benefit from electronic and digital keypad locks when compared with traditional lock and key entry, for both your premises and the protected areas inside.

Say goodbye to keys with keyless entry

Keys can pose a range of problems for businesses, especially where there are a high number of staff members requiring entry. Keypad door lock systems use a digitally inputted code which allows staff to use the confidential PIN to gain access through the locked door. This eliminates the risk of keys being lost, stolen, or forgotten.

The cost to your business of lost or stolen keys isn’t limited to just replacing keys - it could also mean taking on costly locksmith fees to replace the lock itself. This is easily avoided with a keypad lock system for your business.

  • Approved persons simply need to remember a short code. If the code is forgotten, access can be gained using the master key (usually held by the facilities manager or caretaker) or the code can be reset using the master code. Alternatively, a list of codes may be kept by an authorised person who can relay the forgotten code.This is all dependant on the individual security measures put in place by the business.
  • The code to the digital combination lock can be easily changed, negating the need for a lock replacement.
  • All keypad locks from Lowe & Fletcher have a mechanical override lock, giving you peace of mind in emergency situations.

Keypad lock systems offer durability

Traditional lock and key entry can sometimes prove aggravating, particularly if there has been wear or damage to the key making it difficult to turn. Keys have also been known to snap off in locks, requiring  a potentially difficult removal operation, or costly locksmith call-out. With a keypad lock system this risk is eliminated, however it is important to remember that batteries will need to be replaced after time to ensure full operation. The minimal wear-and-tear associated with this type of lock means your locking system should last for years, working as effortlessly as when first installed. 

Increase the security of your business with a keypad lock

The physical assets within your business premises are undoubtedly valuable, so ensuring they are fully protected from thieves is imperative. Traditional locks can be subject to lock picking or lock bumping - the latter being particularly troublesome for businesses as it leaves little to no sign of forced entry. This can make claiming on insurance difficult should anything be taken or damaged. 

  • The advanced technology used in our keypad lock systems makes the lock considerably less likely to be picked or bumped, meaning greater security for your assets.
  • The ability to easily change the code can be useful if a member of staff leaves the business who may try to gain access to the business after their departure.
  • Keypad lock systems are also suitable for internal rooms and storage areas containing securable items.

Take security one step further with our Remote Allocation System (RAS) 

Many electronic and digital keypad locks from Lowe & Fletcher are available with our Remote Allocation System (RAS). The simple web-based system which can be accessed remotely from any location, allows the system manager to view and make changes to access codes. This works particularly well for businesses where hot-desking and remote working are common, as the system manager can change and allocate access codes as and when required.

Making the change from your traditional locking system to a keypad door lock is easy. Lowe & Fletcher offers a wide range of electronic and digital keypad locks for both internal and external applications. Contact us today to speak with a member of our team who can advise you on the most suitable locking systems for your business.

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