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Lowe & Fletcher - Lock Manufacturers You Can Trust

Lowe & Fletcher - Lock Manufacturers You Can Trust

28 Jun 2019

With roots tracing back to 1889, Lowe & Fletcher is a family owned lock manufacturer with quality and strong family values at its core. Founded in Willenhall in the heart of the Black Country of England, Lowe & Fletcher remain the only sizeable family owned lock making business still operating in the area. Not stopping at manufacturing and supplying locks to the UK alone, we now have factories and operations across Europe and America.

130 years of expertise and experience under our belts make Lowe & Fletcher the clear choice for all of your lock system needs. We’ll provide you with some insights into the history of our locks, as well as our top tips for locking systems.

Learn more about Lowe & Fletchers lock manufacturing processes and capabilities.


Lock manufacturing: where it all began…

Renowned for its lock manufacturing since the sixteenth century, the Black Country town of Willenhall remains at the heart of Britain’s lock making industry. The Industrial Revolution saw the lock making business boom, and local availability of materials in the area meant Willenhall was the epicentre of it all. With over 300 lock manufacturers in the area by 1855, many families were running businesses from workshops in their backyards.

For Lowe & Fletcher, it all began when John Lowe and son-in-law Thomas Fletcher (pictured below) paired up to establish their lock making business in 1889. Their fledgling company specialised in the finest craftsman made locks in brass, bronze and polished gunmetal.

Lowe and Fletcher Co-Founder, John LoweLowe and Fletcher Co-Founder Thomas Fletcher

Lowe & Fletcher founders John Lowe and Thomas Fletcher

By 1902, Lowe & Fletcher became an official Admiralty and War Office Contractor, following the launch of the highest quality brass padlocks. The company was now established as a leading supplier of locks for ships, which gave way for further innovation and diversity in their product offering.

This advantageous contract enabled the business to develop its WIllenhall site in the 1930s. Lowe & Fletcher were then able to manufacture sought after Mortice Locks, which became a core product line for the next 30 years.

Further modernisation of the factory in the 1960s enabled Lowe & Fletcher to produce high quantities of Disc (or Pin) Tumbler Locks. This new phase of growth and profitability meant that Lowe & Fletcher went from strength to strength, and a new factory in Bilston was opened in 1968. This seemed to come at a fortuitous time as the Willenhall factory set ablaze and required a complete rebuild. The company also saw its first overseas operation in South Africa.

In the years following and up until 2010, global reach and manufacturing have boomed for Lowe & Fletcher. Factories and premises were opened in Belgium, France, Germany, Poland and America.

Today, Lowe & Fletcher’s trusted reputation allows us to remain one of the only family-run lock manufacturing businesses in the Black Country, with operations in America and Europe.


Our top tips when it comes to locking systems

With such an extensive history manufacturing and supplying locks, Lowe & Fletcher’s expertise is second-to-none. Here are some of our top lock related tips:

Choosing the right lock

Choosing the right lock for your application can be difficult. With so many on offer, how do you know which lock is best? You should think about:

●      The level of security required. Lowe & Fletcher supplies a huge range of different locks with varying degrees of security. For a solution to locking wooden office furniture, a relatively simple lock such as our pedestal locks will do the trick. However, a lock to secure valuable assets such as staff lockers may require a much more advanced locking system such as our digital and electronic locks.

●      The environment. Consider the material the lock is made from; how will it stand up to wet, hot or cold weather conditions? Lowe & Fletcher offers a range of water-resistant locks with varying levels of resistance and protection.

●      The kind of key required. Do you need a lock that opens using a key? Or perhaps a lock that uses a master key? Maybe a coin operated system is more suited to your application? Whatever your desired entry method, Lowe & Fletcher can supply you with the best lock for the job!

Need more help deciding which locking system to use? Contact us today and a member of our team will be happy to provide you with all the advice you need!


To ensure the long and frustration-free life for your locks, ensure you keep them well maintained. This is a simple task, usually just requiring a small amount of graphite, oil or grease to lubricate.


To ensure the security of the valuables you’re keeping locked away, always remember to keep keys and keycodes safe. Never:

●      Leave your keys anywhere somebody could take them or where they could get lost.

●      Lend your keys to anyone you don’t trust.

●      Give your keycode out to anyone without authority.

●      Leave a door unlocked when unattended.


Trust Lowe & Fletcher to supply you with the right lock for the job

With 130 years of service in the lock making industry, we really are a lock manufacturer you can trust. Contact us today for advice or information regarding any of the locks we manufacture and supply.

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