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Keeping your office secure during lockdown and beyond

Keeping your office secure during lockdown and beyond

08 Oct 2020

While police forces in England and Wales have seen a reduction in overall crime during lockdown, there have been warnings of an increase in the number of break-ins at pubs, shops, offices and other commercial sites. But whether business properties are vacant for months or just overnight, it is important for peace of mind to know they are secure against theft and criminal damage.

How to secure your business

Metropolitan and regional police services offer advice on how to protect your business from the outside in, from ways to deter being targeted in the first place to slowing down or stopping criminal activity when it does occur.


  • Ensure a well-maintained exterior free of rubbish, graffiti and any overgrown vegetation.
  • Make sure there is sufficient lighting.
  • Move any wheelie bins or equipment outside the premises that can be climbed on to gain access to the building.
  • Make sure all entry points (doors and windows) are securely locked, and give training to staff on key security.
    • Examples of locks include L and T handles that can be used on internal and external garage doors, and for internal window handles.
  • Add alarms and CCTV if possible.
  • Restrict access to the site with vehicle barriers.


  • Try not to keep cash on the premises.
  • Keep stock and any valuables out of sight and in lockable safes, containers or rooms.
    • Cupboards, filing cabinets, lockers, drawers and other storage units can be equipped with a range of locking mechanisms including camlocks, pedestal locks, latchlocks, pin tumbler locks, multi-point locks, and advanced mechanical and programmable electronic locks offering keyless solutions.
    • Safe locks are available with up to 200,000 possible lock combinations for safes and other high-security applications.


  • Educate staff on the importance of reporting any suspicious behaviour like unknown people or cars ‘casing’ the premises.
  • Apply procedures and measures following ISO standards like ISO 9001 for quality management and ISO 27001 for information security.

The above information is general advice compiled from multiple police sources, but please make security decisions based on local and specific advice for your property. Every property is different and any security measures should be specific to your situation. At Lowe & Fletcher, we design and manufacture locking systems for industry, with applications including office furniture, asset management, windows and doors, and more. With our extensive range of locking systems and bespoke solutions, we are able to meet diverse locking requirements. Visit our website or contact us to discuss our products or a tailor-made solution to suit you.

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