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Electronic combination locks for industry

Electronic combination locks for industry

20 Jun 2018

Security is often a primary concern for many businesses in most industries and electronic combination locks can be an excellent way of ensuring that optimum safekeeping is achieved for sensitive information and employee belongings. In this article, we’ll take a look at the different variations of electronic combination locks and their uses in industrial applications.

Digital combination lock manufacturing

Digital combination locks, or code locks, can be manufactured in many different forms, each of them designed to offer maximum security features for a given application. Here at Lowe and Fletcher, we offer a range of code locks for applications such as enclosures, locks for lockers, medical and office furniture and postal facilities.

A digital padlock for medical and office furniture

As personal data restrictions tighten, the need for secure electrical combination locks in the work place is ever increasing. Designed to be integrated in both metal and wooden office and medical furniture, these modern locking systems are specifically designed to ensure the safety of patient notes and confidential papers. In addition to this, the electronic locking systems are able to offer security for important consignment such as medicine.

A digital cupboard lock for enclosures

These versatile locking systems can also be used on a range of enclosures, across multiple industries. From commercial refrigeration to alarm systems and meter boxes, all automated locks can be used with the RAS system and come with an override key. An excellent benefit of this is that there is no loss of keys or potential security breaches during employee changeover and the combination can be changed with ease.

An electrical lock for lockers

Securing employee, student or customer belongings is an important and necessary task. With conventional lockers with keys, replacing the key is a costly exercise and an unwanted expense for any business. Advanced programmable locking systems offer a keyless solution that delivers longevity at places of work, leisure facilities and schools.

Automated parcel delivery systems

The postal industry has developed a considerable amount over the years with the rapid expansion of deliveries via the internet. Ensuring the safety of delivered goods is of vital importance to both the consumer and the business sending the goods. A cost-effective way of negotiating these demands is by implementing electronic locking systems that allow drivers to deliver packages securely and with remote access.

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