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Digital combination locks for security applications

Digital combination locks for security applications

20 May 2020

Are you worried about the security of your office furniture? Or perhaps your lockers need a digital upgrade? It’s time to consider digital combination locks at your workplace!

Locks for lockers

Digital combination locks are advanced locking systems offering security solutions for a range of industrial and commercial applications.

Common uses for digital combination locks include:

  • Enclosures
  • Metal office furniture
  • Wooden office furniture
  • Lockers
  • Postal applications

Did you know that digital combination locks provide advanced security against theft?

Security is a major area of concern for any organisation dealing with valuables or personal belongings. Hotels, schools, gyms, hospitals and many other industries rely on their locking systems being safe and secure.

The benefits of keyless locking systems

When deciding on the best locking system for your business, reliability is important. Lowe & Fletcher’s digital combination lock range is versatile and reliable (our customers get peace of mind). One of the main benefits of digital combination locks is the keyless locking system:

  • Lost keys are no longer a concern – misplaced keys pose a security risk to any organisation!
  • Once a key has been misplaced, it is advisable to not only replace the key but to change the lock. This can prove to be costly. However, digital combination locks provide the ability to change the code without the need for changing the entire lock.
  • Access via a passcode ensures that nobody is left out in the rain! Employees don’t have to worry about forgetting their keys. If a ‘keyholder’ is not present on site, emergency services would have easier access as the passcode could be explained over the phone. Of course, this can then easily be changed afterwards without the need to completely change the lock.

Why should Lowe & Fletcher be your first choice for locking systems?

Lowe & Fletcher has been designing, manufacturing and supplying locking systems for industrial applications since 1889.

The company’s industry knowledge and dedication gives Lowe & Fletcher the edge. Rooted in the West Midlands, the business has expanded over the years and now covers a range of markets.

Looking for a versatile, strong and reliable locking system produced by a company with a rich heritage in lock making?

Choose Lowe & Fletcher.

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