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Camlocks for furniture

Camlocks for furniture

14 May 2020

Camlocks complement almost any style of furniture. They are a popular choice of furniture lock for cabinet makers and furniture manufacturers all over the world.  

Lowe & Fletcher’s furniture locks combine security with style

Furniture manufacturers are required to produce furniture that will safely store personal information and belongings -  such as confidential paperwork and restricted items.

As a result, desks and filing cabinets, drawers, cabinets, lockers, and safes, will often exhibit camlocks in environments where storage security is of paramount importance (for example, in schools, warehouses, offices, and hospitals). Camlocks are a popular and secure choice.

Our wide range of furniture camlocks and mini-camlocks for furniture are available in rounded, squared or D head shapes in a number of finishes - from nickel, stainless steel or chrome to plastic and olive drab. If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for within our range, we manufacture bespoke furniture locks to suit your exact requirements.

Our bespoke furniture locks are custom made to meet your specific criteria

At Lowe & Fletcher, we’re able to customise the following:

  • Head and body size and shape
  • Standard movements
  • Lock combinations
  • Lock finish
  • Fixing hole shape

Selecting an appropriate furniture lock

Whether you are acquiring or manufacturing furniture for offices, a medical establishment, a gym, or school, it is important to select a lock to suit its application and environment. For example, locks in school desk drawers may demand only a few security requirements but will need to comply with robust health and safety specifications. In this instance, a flush-fitting camlock that blends into the furniture reduces the risk of accidental injury. Hotel drawer locks, on the other hand, will require greater security as they will likely contain personal and private information on a regular basis.

Looking for advice on furniture locks?

For advice on the best furniture lock for your application, get in touch and speak with one of Lowe & Fletcher’s lock specialists who will be happy to assist with your enquiry.

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