This section contains a wide range of hinges for various enclosure applications. Types of hinge available include Concealed Hinges, External Hinges and Pin Hinges.

Concealed Hinges are used on doors where you do not want a hinge on display. The hinge is fitted and concealed behind the door leaving a smooth appearance to the outer door. This makes them ideal for use on metal enclosures and machine covers.

External Hinges are used on doors and panels to maximise the available space inside an enclosure and can also hold the door open or closed. Applications for such hinges include flush mounted doors on data center server cabinets, large enclosure doors and supporting access panels and parts of a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system.

Our range of Pin Hinges are spring loaded and are used on internally mounted doors such as server rack cabinets and electric panels. With a clip fixing for fast assembly, the Pin Hinge enables the door to be removed quickly and easily without the need for special tools.

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