19-25mm Espagnolet Lock 5809

19-25mm Espagnolet Lock 5809
19-25mm Espagnolet Lock 5809
Product Description

A 19-25mm Espagnolet Lock 5809 available in Nickel or Black. This lock is ideal for applications such as Wooden Office Furniture.

  • Standard movements: 3 (RH), 4 (LH)
  • Lock Combinations: 200 (1,000 on request)
  • Standard finish: Nickel, black
  • Fixing hole shape: Round
  • M Keyed system supplied to order only
  • Rosette 7008003: Available on request
  • Product can be supplied with dowels and screws
  • For Accessories: see Technical Information
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Product CodeKey SeriesCombinationsHead WidthHead DepthHandedMovementP DimensionContact
580918 M20016.525 Right325 Contact
581018 M20016.525 Left425 Contact
583818 M20016.519 Right319 Contact
583918 M20016.519 Left419 Contact
Technical Drawing