20mm Push-to-Turn Latchlock 5703

20mm Push-to-Turn Latchlock 5703
Technical Drawing

A 20mm push-to-turn latchlock 5703 available in bright chrome with a nickel barrel. This latchlock is ideal for use with Metal Office Furniture.

Product Code Body Length Head Height Head Depth Handle Housing Fixing Shackle Diameter Finish Contact
5703 2 43 25 Large Nut fixing Min 5 - Max 7 Bright Chrome Contact
  • Standard movements: 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Standard finish: Bright chrome, Nickel barrel
  • Recommended Shackle Diameter: Min 5mm; Max 7mm
  • Nut fixed housing: 12mm
  • Dimension ‘X’ & ‘B’ specification: See Cams
Method of Operation
  1. With door closed push handle inward to engage with the cam mechanism
  2. Turn handle as far as stop.
    If latchlock is fitted on left-edge of door turn handle anti-clockwise to lock.
    If latchlock is fitted on right-edge of door turn handle clockwise to lock.
  3. Withdraw handle without turning and fit padlock through hole provided in handle shank.
  4. To open latchlock, remove padlock, push handle inward and turn it to the unlocked position.


Use only recommended padlock sizes with these devices. If other padlocks are used, the latchlocks can be opened in the locked position. We suggest fitting a 3mm thick cam as standard