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RPT Multi-Drawer Lock 2417

RPT Multi-Drawer Lock 2417
RPT Multi-Drawer Lock 2417
Product Description

Radial Pin Tumbler (RPT) Multi-Drawer Lock 2417 in Bright Chrome. RPT locks are considered more resistant to picking than disc tumbler locks, so are ideal for use in Metal and Wooden Office Furniture where security is a priority.

  • Standard movements: 3
  • Lock Combinations: 10,000
  • Standard finish: Bright chrome
  • Panel thickness: 0.8mm – 1.2mm
  • M Keyed system supplied to order only
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Product CodeKey SeriesCombinationsHead WidthHead DepthMax Panel ThicknessFinishMovementContact
24172810,0002351.2 Bright Chrome3 Contact
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