Turning Knob Lock B577

Turning Knob Lock B577
Turning Knob Lock B577
Product Description

A turning knob lock B577 available in Black Plastic. Fitted with a shutter, this is an ideal handle for various applications including Enclosures, Metal Office Furniture and Doors.

  • Lock combinations: 200 (B762 & B754 Non-Locking)
  • Standard finish: Black Plastic
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Product CodeKey SeriesCombinationsA DimensionB DimensionFinishHandle DepthHandle Diameter ØHousing FixingLock TypeContact
B57789200 M848.5Black Plastic37.560BoltLocking Contact
B57889200 M8-Black Plastic37.560Nut fixingLocking Contact
B66089200 3/8"-Black Plastic37.560Nut fixingLocking Contact
B66989200 M6-Black Plastic37.560Nut fixingLocking Contact
B754 3/8"-Black Plastic37.560Nut fixingNon-Locking Contact
B76189200 3/8"50Black Plastic37.560BoltLocking Contact
B762 3/8"61.3Black Plastic37.560BoltNon-Locking Contact
B79089200 5/16"-Black Plastic37.560Nut fixingLocking Contact
C02889200 M818.5Black Plastic37.560Screw FixLocking Contact
C02989200 M10-Black Plastic37.560Nut fixingLocking Contact
C03589200 3/8"137.5Black Plastic37.560Screw FixLocking Contact
C76589200 M867.5Black Plastic37.560Screw FixLocking Contact
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