20mm UGL Camlock 0902

20mm UGL Camlock 0902
20mm UGL Camlock 0902
Product Description

A 20mm UGL Camlock 0902 in Bright Chrome. This is an Upper Grade, high security lock that can be equipped with an internal ‘O’ ring where required. The shuttered barrels can also be greased to provide greater protection when used outdoors.

This high security lock is ideal for use applications such as Asset Management, Heavy Duty Vehicles and Enclosures.


  • Standard movements: 1, 2, 3, 4 (8 & 9 only with nut fixing or horseshoe clip across the round sides of the housing)
  • Lock Combinations: 10000
  • Standard finish: Bright chrome
  • Comprehensive range of Cams available: See Cams


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Product CodeKey SeriesCombinationsBody LengthHead WidthHead DepthMax Panel ThicknessVersionHead ShapeFinishFixing Hole TypeHousing FixingContact
0900UGL100002023712 StandardConicalBright ChromeCNut fixing Contact
0901UGL1000020247.512 StandardSquareBright ChromeBNut fixing Contact
0902UGL1000020247.512 StandardSquareBright ChromeANut fixing Contact
0903UGL1000020247.512 StandardSquareBright ChromeBHorseshoe clip Contact
0904UGL1000020247.512 StandardSquareBright ChromeAHorseshoe clip Contact
0905UGL100002023712 StandardConicalBright ChromeBNut fixing Contact
0906UGL100002023712 StandardConicalBright ChromeANut fixing Contact
0907UGL100002023712 StandardConicalBright ChromeBHorseshoe clip Contact
0908UGL100002023712 StandardConicalBright ChromeAHorseshoe clip Contact
0912UGL1000020247.512 StandardSquareBright ChromeCNut fixing Contact
0914UGL1000020247.512 StandardSquareBright ChromeCHorseshoe clip Contact
0916UGL100002023712 StandardConicalBright ChromeCNut fixing Contact
0918UGL100002023712 StandardConicalBright ChromeCHorseshoe clip Contact
0951UGL1000020247.512 ShutteredSquareBright ChromeBNut fixing Contact
0952UGL1000020247.512 ShutteredSquareBright ChromeANut fixing Contact
0953UGL1000020247.512 ShutteredSquareBright ChromeBHorseshoe clip Contact
0954UGL1000020247.512 ShutteredSquareBright ChromeAHorseshoe clip Contact
0955UGL100002023712 ShutteredConicalBright ChromeBNut fixing Contact
0956UGL100002023712 ShutteredConicalBright ChromeANut fixing Contact
0957UGL100002023712 ShutteredConicalBright ChromeBHorseshoe clip Contact
0958UGL100002023712 ShutteredConicalBright ChromeAHorseshoe clip Contact
0962UGL1000020247.512 ShutteredSquareBright ChromeCNut fixing Contact
0964UGL1000020247.512 ShutteredSquareBright ChromeCHorseshoe clip Contact
0966UGL100002023712 ShutteredConicalBright ChromeCNut fixing Contact
0968UGL100002023712 ShutteredConicalBright ChromeCHorseshoe clip Contact
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