20mm Camlock 4202

20mm Camlock 4202
20mm Camlock 4202
Product Description

A 20mm Camlock 4202 in Bright Chrome. Some of these camlocks are equipped with an interchangeable barrel. The barrel is removable in the open position of the lock by use of a special key. This makes it an ideal camlock for numerous applications such as Wooden and Metal Office Furniture.

  • Standard movements: 1, 2, 3, 4 (4212 moves 1, 3 only, 4215 & 4217 move 3 only)
  • Lock Combinations: 2000
  • Standard finish: Bright chrome
  • M Keyed system supplied to order only
  • Dimension ‘B’ Specification: See Cams


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Product CodeKey SeriesCombinationsBody LengthHead WidthHead DepthMax Panel ThicknessBarrelFinishFixing Hole TypeHead ShapeHousing FixingMovementContact
420125-27 M20002024712 Non Removable BarrelBright ChromeBSquareNut fixing(multiple) Contact
420225-27 M20002024712 Non Removable BarrelBright ChromeASquareNut fixing(multiple) Contact
420325-27 M20002024712 Non Removable BarrelBright ChromeBSquareHorseshoe clip(multiple) Contact
420425-27 M20002024712 Non Removable BarrelBright ChromeASquareHorseshoe clip(multiple) Contact
420525-27 M20002023712 Non Removable BarrelBright ChromeBConicalNut fixing(multiple) Contact
420625-27 M20002023712 Non Removable BarrelBright ChromeAConicalNut fixing(multiple) Contact
420725-27 M20002023712 Non Removable BarrelBright ChromeBConicalHorseshoe clip(multiple) Contact
420825-27 M20002023712 Non Removable BarrelBright ChromeAConicalHorseshoe clip(multiple) Contact
421225-27 M20002024712 Non Removable BarrelBright ChromeCSquareNut fixing(multiple) Contact
421425-27 M20002024712 Non Removable BarrelBright ChromeCSquareHorseshoe clip(multiple) Contact
421525-27 M20002024712 Removable BarrelBright ChromeASquareNut fixing3 Contact
421625-27 M20002023712 Non Removable BarrelBright ChromeCConicalNut fixing(multiple) Contact
421725-27 M20002023712 Removable BarrelBright ChromeCConicalNut fixing3 Contact
421825-27 M20002023712 Non Removable BarrelBright ChromeCConicalHorseshoe clip(multiple) Contact
422025-27 M20002024712 Removable BarrelBright ChromeBSquareNut fixing(multiple) Contact
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