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9.5mm/16.6mm Mini Camlock 0258

9.5mm/16.6mm Mini Camlock 0258
Technical Drawing

A series of Mini Camlocks available in 2 different body lengths and suitable for use in hygiene and sanitation products such as commercial soap dispensers and washroom combination units. These durable locks can be fitted flush with the surface of the container making them secure and ideal for use in fitness and leisure facilities and public bathrooms in any environment.

Product Code Key Series Combinations Body Length Head Width Head Depth Head Shape Cam Fixing Housing Fixing Finish Contact
0258 800 M 200 9.5 16 3.3 Round Eclip Nut Bright Chrome Contact
B913 800 M 200 16.6 16 3.3 Square Eclip Nut Black Chrome Contact
B914 800 M 200 9.5 16 3.3 Square Eclip Nut Black Chrome Contact
  • Standard movements: 1, 3, 4
  • Lock combinations: 200
  • Standard finish: Bright chrome, black chrome
  • Fixing hole shape: Double D
  • M Keyed system supplied to order only
  • Comprehensive range of cams available: see Cams