Coin Latch Lock 2764

Coin Latch Lock 2764
Coin Latch Lock 2764
Product Description

A Coin Latch Lock 2764 with a hook bolt. These locks are available for use in wet or dry areas with left and right orientation and are ideal for use in gyms and fitness centres, spas and swimming pools.

  • Standard finish: Bright chrome nozzle, all components non-ferrous (wet area)
  • M Keyed system supplied to order only
  • Coin size: Customer selectable – Ø20mm to Ø30mm max, 3.2mm max thickness
  • Accessories: Coin tray as standard, lockable coin retain box on request
  • 2764 & 2765: in-line pin tumbler cylinder includes escutcheon
  • 2768 & 2769: 10 disc barrel supplied with 2 keys fitted with flexible key bows, does not include escutcheon
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Product CodeKey SeriesCombinationsBody LengthHead WidthHead HeightHead DepthHandedCylinderFinishWet AreaContact
2764512AAA1210505.5182228.8 RightRemovable CylinderChromeYes Contact
2764522AAA1210505.5182228.8 LeftRemovable CylinderChromeYes Contact
2765512AAA1210505.5182228.8 RightFixed CylinderChromeYes Contact
2765522AAA1210505.5182228.8 LeftFixed CylinderChromeYes Contact
2768512A95-97 M20005.5182219 RightFixed CylinderChromeNo Contact
2768522A95-97 M20005.5182219 LeftFixed CylinderChromeNo Contact
2769512A95-97 M20005.5182218 RightRemovable CylinderChromeNo Contact
2769522A95-97 M20005.5182218 LeftRemovable CylinderChromeNo Contact
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